We provide a wide range of training for individuals and teams working with children and families.

Training Courses
Depending on the course training is delivered via evening workshops or a full day training. 
We have a dedicated training room or we can deliver training in your setting.

The list of courses below is not exhaustive, please contact us to discuss your training needs:

Training EVENTS

Training can be tailored to meet your needs, small teams or whole school staff teams, inset days or twilights.
Please discuss your needs with us and we will tailor a package to suit your requirements.

Discounts are available.

Please contact us for more information.

Safeguarding Awareness

Half-day/Twilight – £30 plus VAT per person

This Safeguarding Awareness workshop will provide a thorough overview of your child protection and safeguarding responsibilities, to help you feel more confident in recognising the signs of child abuse, acting on concerns and ensuring that the welfare of children is a priority focus of your work.

Motivating Teams, Sharing Ethos, Developing Cohesion

Full Day – £250 plus VAT per person

This Motivating Teams, Sharing Ethos and Developing Cohesion workshop will help leaders know how to access their teams extra effort by motivating them, to help them achieve their own goals, as well as those of the team. By developing an understanding of factors that influence how people behave at work and using effective leadership styles to motivate individuals, improve performance and cohesion, leaders and managers will feel confident to apply their new skills immediately in the workplace.

Engaging Children, Young People and Families Workshop

Half-day/Twilight – £30 plus VAT per person

This Engaging Children, Young People and Families workshop will provide practical ways to effectively engage and work with children, young people and families in your community. Understanding barriers to engagement and how to overcome those barriers is a key theme of the workshop. You will have the opportunity to explore your own values and practice to ensure you leave the workshop better able to engage with all individuals.

Outcome Focussed Planning Workshop

Half-day/Twilight – £30 plus VAT per person

The Outcomes Focused Planning workshop will help professionals to focus on deciding the desired outcome and writing a plan to achieve that outcomes. It is all too easy to get pulled along making plans for children and young people that meet service expectations but are not focused on the desired outcome for the child or young person as an individual.

During the workshop we will explore what we mean by an outcome and how to identify the outcome desired from the information we have, then how to write an effective plan that can support the outcome to be achieved and how we then evidence the outcome.

We will look at expectations and pressures from outside influences on professionals developing plans.

Designated Safeguarding Lead Training

Full Day – £250 plus VAT per person

This Designated Safeguarding Lead Training course helps those with a designated child protection role to learn more about their responsibilities in regards to promoting good safeguarding practices in the workplace, recognising and responding to abuse, working with other services and sharing information. Keeping yourself safe. Good practice examples for record keeping and recording. Addressing concerns with parents and professionals.

Behaviour Management Workshop

Half-day/Twilight – £30 plus VAT per person

This Behaviour Management workshop will enable you to explore how your behaviour influences the behaviour of the children in your setting, looking at how you control emotional responses and interact with children. You’ll learn techniques and develop your capacity to achieve consistency in managing behaviour, recognise positive behaviour and build trust in your setting.

What Can We Do About ...?

Full Day – £250 plus VAT per person

The What Can We Do About …? training day provides professionals with an opportunity to develop problem solving skills for dealing with complex situations where the professional feels “stuck”. This can be an exhausting position to be in, we aim to help professionals to focus on what’s working well, what’s worked in the past and what is the goal for the future.

By using a structured approach that can be applied to almost any presenting issue professionals will come away from the training day feeling confident in their own skills and abilities to move situations forward when there has been drift, resistance and at times conflict.

Making It Simple

Full Day – £250 plus VAT per person

The Making It Simple training day focuses on reducing stress, developing a toolkit to manage your workload, recognise when your stress levels are rising and strategies to use to manage your stress.

Creating a good work/life balance and feeling in control.

Stress is a normal part of life, but when it gets overwhelming it can seriously affect your emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as your performance and productivity.

Working with children and families, managing staff teams are complex, during the training day we will help professionals with some simple strategies that can be applied quickly and easily to improve your wellbeing.


If the training available on our training calendar does not immediately meet your needs please discuss other options with us. We can design training to meet your exact requirements.
We can also provide training at your venue on inset days, twilight sessions or during team days/meetings.